My name is Oleksii, I'm a software developer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

On 24th of February 2022 I woke up to war: Russian armed forces have invaded my country. Driven by chauvinistic ideals and determination to eradicate the Ukrainian people, this act of aggression can only be described as genocide.

Russian soldiers spare no thought when bombing residential areas, hospitals, schools, museums, cultural heritages, and civilian infrastructure. The list of committed war crimes grows longer by the minute, while the rest of the world largely remains passive.

Be on the right side of history! Today it's us, tomorrow it could be you.

Please consider helping Ukraine fight back by donating to our military and various humanitarian causes:

If you don't have the means to help financially, you can:

  • Spread the information about the war throughout your local networks
  • Help local Ukrainian refugees with food, water, medication, supplies, housing, etc.
  • Stop buying products made in Russia (bar codes starting with 460-469)
  • Urge your employer to take a stance against Russia
  • Call your politicans to action (US citizens may use this template)
  • Protest on the streets
  • Join Ukrainian military as a foreigner